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In an ever changing environment where software processes and technologies are modified or replaced frequently, AmpersandSquare stays abreast of the latest innovations and changes in the software environment. The organization’s focus on the people, technologies, tools, domain knowledge and best practices are the fundamental values and strengths of our organization.


AmpersandSquare offers software services across a spectrum of domains and technologies. Services such as Product Development Services, Application Development and Maintenance Services as well as Consulting Services are some of the services that our experienced organization is involved in.

The methodologies that AmpersandSquare use are time-tested, rugged models complete with the right teams, technical skill-sets and management that are committed and driven to deliver projects and services on time, on budget and as per your specification. Our domain experts ensure that they first understand the technical and management challenges before they define the requirements to achieve the identified goal.

AmpersandSquare has mature, capable processes and flexible models built around years of experience and proven expertise in Product development and application services for various enterprise companies. Using process methodologies such as V- Model and Agile development methodologies, we achieve great delivery efficiency, leaving our clients and customers with great appreciation regarding our service.

AmpersandSquare provides a number of services such as:

  1. IT Service Management: To manage IT services and systems.
  2. Software Engineering: For maturity of software development and maintenance .
  3. Process Optimization: To achieve best out of your process.

IT Governance: To gain efficiency, control, compliance and business alignment