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In standard economic terms, productivity is the ratio between the amount of goods or services produced and the labour or expense that goes into producing them. The assumption that follows, then, is that software productivity is the ratio between the amount of software produced to the labour and expense of producing it. This is a simple theory that appears to be logical, but in practice becomes a matter of some debate.

In order to define software productivity, at its most fundamental level, software is a computer program comprised of lines of code. However, lines of code, in and of themselves, are not the primary deliverables of a software project and customers often do not know how many lines of code are in the software they are buying.

We, at AmpersandSquare help you to utilize the resources at hand (Workforce, hardware and software equipment, material, money, time, space etc) effectively and efficiently because we understand that increased productivity ensures Progress, Prosperity and Profitability. Our competent and driven workforce analyse every domain in detail and come up with a set of processes and procedures that need to be implemented to increase the productivity of an organization. A few of them are stated as follows:-

  • 1. Work Study – Methods improvement and Work measurement.
  • 2. Job Evaluation – job description and job analysis.
  • 3. Management Information Systems.
  • 4. Materials management.
  • 5. Productivity linked incentive plans.

No technique or system delivers the goods by itself. The organization should make use of them effectively and efficiently to achieve the expected results and at AmpersandSquare, we strive to enable every organization in reaching its maximum potential in terms of productivity.

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